First-Time Setup

To bet on SportX, you will need DAI (USD) to place the bet itself and a small amount of ETH for the blockchain fee.

You can see those in top left of your screen on the Account page. 

(If you don't have any DAI or ETH, you can purchase some through Netcoins. Check out the guide here.)

First, ensure that you've pressed "Enable trading" on the Account page. If you haven't, you'll see a green button like below. 

Press it and click confirm when Bitski pops up. You'll see a progress bar appear on the Exchange page. Wait for it to confirm with a green pop-up

Placing your bet

Now you're ready to start betting! Head to the Exchange page and first select a game you want to bet on. You can pick this on the Markets pane. 

On desktop, it's on the left of the screen, on mobile, click the three horizontal line button on the top left next to the logo.

Here's desktop:

I want to bet on the Thunder vs. Pacers game, so I selected that. Now you need to decide on your bet type. We have the three most popular bet types in SportX:

  1. Money line (learn more here)
  2. Over/under (learn more here)
  3. Spread (learn more here)

Pick your bet type and your team (if applicable), enter the amount that you're looking to bet, and click Bet!

In this example, I want to bet 20 DAI on the Thunder to win, and so I'll go to the Money Line pane, enter 20, and click "Bet Oklahoma City Thunder"

I'm getting odds of 1.99 here to win $39.80 if the Thunder wins the match. I click the button and a confirm comes up to make sure I understand this.

Once I click confirm, there will be a final confirmation via MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet asking you authorize the bet.

Confirm this dialog and the bet is now being placed. You'll see that confirmation bar again.

Wait for it to finish and congratulations! You've placed your first bet. A green confirmation should come up and you should now see your new bet in the Unsettled Bets pane at the bottom telling you the details.

If you win the bet (if the Thunder wins in this case), your winnings will automatically be deposited into your account. Nothing more for you to do.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions by clicking the green chat button on the bottom of your screen.

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