1. All wagers will be determined using the official result as declared by the local Electoral Commission or a similar official body.

  2. The official electoral body that will determine results will be specified for individual political wagers.

  3. Where no official result from an Electoral Commission or similar official body is available, the result will be determined by using information from independent sources.

  4. Spanish Politics: For the purposes of the general election, PSOE and PP will be understood as the parties and their regional affiliates (e.g. PSC-PSOE).

  5. Canadian Politics: For the purposes of the federal election, the following colloquialisms apply:

  6. If we provide a stipulation that a candidate "must announce", that means there will only be action if that candidate officially announces he will run for that office.

  7. For all elections, wagers will be graded upon an official result as described above. Once the result is official and wagers are graded, any circumstance (death, illness, etc.) will have no bearing on the already graded wagers.

  8. For all 2020 USA Presidential election bets made on or after 3/17/20, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden must be viable nominees for their respective parties on election day, in order to have action.‚Äč

  9. All bets are settled on the winner of the election and not on the person who is inaugurated.

  10. Bets on Total U.S. Electoral College Votes will be settled based on the vote in each state (and in each Congressional district in Maine and Nebraska) on the day of the election, and not on the actual meeting of the electoral college.

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