General rules

  1. Unless otherwise stated, the betting markets will be settled at 8AM UTC on the day listed in market title (known as expiry).

  2. SportX uses the price of crypto at the moment of expiry according to a blended index of prices. The prices used for BTC & ETH settlement can be found here:


General rules

Weekly Ethereum Gas Price markets settle based on average gas price according to Etherscan for Saturday till Friday inclusively. It is a 7-day average based on the daily average gas price as reported daily by Etherscan here: For example, a market settling at Friday, October 23rd 11:59pm Eastern Standard time, would include in it's calculation of it's average the 7-day period of October 17th to October 23rd.

If the reporting of data by Etherscan is postponed for more than 48 hours from its original schedule time, all bets on the event will be void/"no action" and the stake returned to your account. The calculation of the average happens the moment the 7th data period has been reported. Any data revisions after that moment will not revise this average, but any revisions before that moment will.

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