1. Participants awarded gold, silver and bronze medals at the medal ceremony will be deemed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively for betting purposes.

  2. Pinnacle settles bets based on the classification that is published immediately after the race. Pinnacle does not recognize results overturned later via protests, doping tests, or other means.

Head to Head Best Finishing Position Propositions:

  1. Wagers will have action as long as both participants compete (have a valid start) in any heat or final. However, if we post a contest subsequent to preliminary heat(s), and one of the listed participants (who qualified for next round) does not compete in any future heat or final, all wagers made after the last completed heat (for the two participants) in that event for that contest will have no action.

  2. If a matchup against "The Field" is offered, the listed competitor must beat every other athlete for a bet on that competitor to win. If any athlete beats all the competitors, bets on "The Field" will be graded as winners. If the competitor ties for 1st place, wagers on the matchups will be refunded.

Best Finishing Position will be determined by the following:

  1. The competitor who advances to the latest round of the competition will be declared the winner.

  2. If both contestants are knocked out in the same preliminary round, but compete in the same exact race, starting at the same time, then the better finisher in that race will be declared the winner.

  3. If both contestants are knocked out in the same preliminary round, but race in separate races (i.e. compete in different Quarter-Final Heat), then regardless of their time or finish, all wagers will be graded as no action.

  4. When two (or more) contestants reach the Finals, then order of finish in the Final will determine the winner for the "Best Finishing Position" contest.

Multi-Way Wagering on Winner of Event:

  1. For multi-way futures, betting all events are "ALL-IN" betting - no refunds, unless a stipulation is added that a certain participant must start for action. If such a stipulation is included, then ALL wagers on ALL participants will be void if the stipulated entry does not compete in that specific event. If there is more than one winner, the odds will be divided with the number of winners. However, odds can never be lower than 1.00.

IAAF Athlete of the Year Proposition:

  1. Any wager made after an official announcement of the winner by the IAAF or will be considered void.

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