1. Go to https://sportx.bet/ and click the green “SIGN UP” button. Enter your email and click “SIGN UP”.

2. Find the Magic link email sent to your inbox. Open the email and click on the green “Log in to SportX” button.

You are now logged into your new SportX wallet! Now we’re going to transition your DAI over from your Bitski account.

3. Now while logged into your new wallet on SportX, go to the “Cashier” page and click on the “Fund DAI Directly” box.

4. This is your wallet address! Click on the symbol to the right of it to automatically copy the address.

5. Go to bitski.com and click Log In with your prior Bitski log-in credentials.

6. Once logged into your old Bitski account, click on “Send”

7. Paste in the wallet address you previously copied into the “Send to” box. Change the “Currency” from ETH to Dai in the dropdown, and then enter in however much DAI you have into the “Amount” box. Click “Review Transaction” and then click “Submit”.

It will take about 5 minutes for your transaction to process, but your new wallet is fully funded!

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