Where can I find developer documentation?

Check out https://github.com/sportx-bet

Do you have API's for betting on SportX?

Check out https://github.com/sportx-bet/sportx-js

Do you have API's for accessing order book updates on SportX?

For order book updates, check out https://github.com/sportx-bet/sportx-js#subscribe-to-order-book-changes-by-market

To access the order book data, check out https://github.com/sportx-bet/sportx-js#get-all-orders-on-markets

Am I able to place limit orders to SportX?

Yes, see https://github.com/sportx-bet/sportx-js#submit-a-new-order-to-a-market

Am I able to take offers on SportX through the API?

Yes, see https://github.com/sportx-bet/sportx-js#filling-orders

Is there documentation for the protocol?

Check out https://github.com/sportx-bet/smart-contracts

Where do I report a security vulnerability?

Please email any questions, concerns, or security vulnerabilities to us (link) and we will respond promptly

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