Fortmatic (also called Magic)

This is the native wallet of SportX and the default choice for when users first click sign-up. Fortmatic is by far the simplest to use, and has great security and customer support. SportX has a built-in integration with Fortmatic to make it easier for users to bet with it.

Fortmatic is password-less; users simply log-in with an email address and are sent a special email link to log-in. Fortmatic has support for the SportX mobile app, meaning users can use it SportX on both Desktop and Mobile with Fortmatic.


This is most popular wallet of SportX and has historically been the default choice for SportX users. Bitski is also easy to use, and great security and customer support. SportX also has built-in integration with Bitski to make it easier for users to bet with it.

Bitski resembles a traditional log-in format for users; sign-in with an email and password. There have been speed issues in the past though with Bitski, which may make it more difficult for users to rapidly bet with. It also has support for the SportX mobile app.


Currently the most-popular wallet on SportX for advanced crypto users, MetaMask is a browser extension for browsers such as Chrome, Brave, and Firefox.

If you're having trouble connecting using Brave and MetaMask, please disable Shields and Default Wallet in Brave's settings. Please keep in mind that MetaMask doesn't yet have support for mobile.

Coinbase Wallet

The mobile application Coinbase Wallet will also work with SportX. It can work by accessing our site through the Coinbase Wallet app itself.

Other Wallets

Other wallets may "just work" with SportX however they are not officially supported yet. Use the MetaMask option to connect with them. They should show up as "Web3 Wallet" once connected.

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