SportX is a non-custodial sports betting exchange. This means that your funds are either in your own wallet, or in a "smart contract" which is a program that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Betting on SportX does require the creation of a user account with formal sign-up process. This is both for compliance reasons and to allow you to compete in SportX tournaments. The process is extremely straightforward and privacy-preserving. Confused? Read on!

Please note the entire sign-up process detailed below is made easy with automatic prompts on the SportX platform as you progress through each stage. The entire process should take less than 2 minutes. This document serves as backup in case you get confused or stuck on a particular stage.

What is a wallet?

A wallet allows you to interact with smart contract-based applications on the Ethereum blockchain. You can store DAI, ETH and other assets in your wallet. You will need one in order to bet on SportX.

Where can I get a wallet?

For the vast majority of users, we recommend creating a Fortmatic wallet. It is extremely simple to use, has great customer support and security, and allows users to use SportX on both desktop and on the mobile progressive web app. Note: there is no additional sign-up required to use Fortmatic, simply go through the sign-up process on SportX and you will be guided through the process of signing up for one.

If you're more comfortable with using Ethereum apps and solely use SportX on desktop browsers, the browser extension MetaMask is another great option. Other wallets and browsers may "just work" but we do not officially support them yet.

You can also use mobile dapp wallets like Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet, which are mobile app that also allows you to use the desktop site by scanning a QR code to link the two together. (Note: this is a mobile app that is different than having a account. Coinbase Wallet FAQ)

How do I fund my wallet?

Users can bet on SportX using either the DAI stablecoin or the Ether cryptocurrency (ETH). The Cashier page on SportX offers a variety of options for users to fund their wallet.

There are multiple options for funding your wallet with crypto:

  • Fund DAI or ETH directly to your wallet address if you own them already

  • Buy DAI or ETH straight to your wallet with BTC/LTC/etc. with Coinswitch

  • Convert ETH into DAI straight from your wallet with 0x Instant

There are also multiple options for funding your wallet with fiat (i.e. dollars):

  • Buy DAI or ETH with debit/credit card using Moonpay (Global)

  • Buy DAI or ETH with interac e-transfer using Paytrie (Canada-only)

  • Buy DAI or ETH with bank transfer using Ramp (EU-only)

How do I sign up for a SportX account?

Once you've created a wallet and funded your account, you will be required to create a SportX specific user account. This requires you to input basic information including your nationality and date of birth, and the creation of an username that will be displayed in SportX tournament leaderboards. This part of the process takes less than a minute to complete.

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