1) Non-Custodial

On SportX, you remain in full control of your funds at all times. There are no central intermediaries which hold your private keys; you are in control at all times. Your funds are secured by smart contracts at all times when they are on SportX.

2) Smart Contract Audits

The security of our system is of utmost importance to us. We’ve conducted rigorous internal testing and contracted top security firms like Decenter (link) to perform thorough audits of our systems. All contracts (link) and security audits (link) are open-source, and verifiable by anyone.

3) Battle-Tested

Our track record speaks for itself: since launching our first product in March of 2019, SportX has yet to receive a bug report of user funds being at-risk. No SportX users have ever lost funds from a hack or other contract failure since our launch.

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