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Below are some resources to help you learn more and get started on SportX. Please feel free to reach out to the team with any questions!

Official Blog: https://blog.sportx.bet/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/SportX_Project
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sportxbetapp/

What is SportX? (https://sportx.bet/)

SportX is a decentralized sports betting exchange that supports wallet-to-wallet trading of sports outcomes. SportX runs on smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, and allows users to bet on sports with no intermediaries.

SportX Features

Betting - https://sportx.bet/

  • The world's first regulated sports betting DEX

  • Currently the most liquid smart contract-based sports betting DEX

  • Support betting on DAI and ETH (SportX wrap)

Tournaments - https://sportx.bet/tournaments

  • Home of the SportX World Tour, series of betting tournaments on SportX

  • Free to enter tournaments for users to drive bettor volume on all markets

  • Users earn points that give them access to special perks & tournaments

Affiliate/Referrals (coming soon) - https://sportx.bet/

  • Launching support world's first smart contract-based referral system

  • Trust-less payouts for affiliates and referrals

  • Complete audibility and transparency (all metrics and users on-chain)

SportX Roadmap (subject to change)

  • Bringing the SportX World Tour tournaments on-app (https://tour.sportx.bet/)

  • Enabling support for live in-game sports betting

  • Adding additional sports markets and alternative market types


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