SportX makes peer-to-peer trading on sporting and political events more fair using the Ethereum public blockchain.

In the process, we hope to bring cryptocurrency and smart contract-based protocols to the mainstream. With our industry-low fees, fun tournaments, and unique non-custodial exchange technology, you can set your own odds and trade against others with confidence. Sports betting should be priced like a commodity, because it is one.

How does it work?

Unlike other sports betting platforms, your funds are protected and payouts are guaranteed. Players bet directly from their cryptocurrency wallet, while wagers are held in escrow by smart contracts until a winner is determined. No delays, no partial payments. You get your winnings in your wallet when you win! 

Powered by the Ethereum-blockchain and built on the SportX smart contract protocol, we avoid the risks of vulnerable, manipulable in-house servers. This means security is greatly enhanced thanks to the blockchain being spread across thousands of nodes worldwide.

Who are we?

SportX is run by a team of passionate sports betting fans and Ethereum blockchain advocates. We believe that by bringing the latest technology to the sports betting world, we can offer our players the best user experience. We are doing all we can to put the power in the player’s hands. That’s why we a platform that doesn’t require deposits, pays out instantly, with publicly verifiable code.

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