After logging in and setting up your account, you are ready to start betting. This guide will show you how Bettor Mode works so you can get the best odds available!

Step 1 - Go to the SportX Exchange 

  1. If you have Bitski: Go to the SportX Exchange by clicking here
  2. If you have Coinbase Wallet: open the Coinbase Wallet app and navigate to: 

By default, SportX will open to the Popular Markets page, our top five markets sorted by total betting volume.

Step 2 - Select a Market

At the top of your screen is the Markets panel (outlined in red below). The Markets panel lets you browse all available sports betting markets by scrolling left and right. 

  1. Select a market from the Markets panel

Step 3 - Select a Game

In Step 2, we selected the Wimbledon market.

At the bottom of your screen is the Summary page (outlined in red below). The Summary page shows you all available games for a specific market, including the best odds currently available for Spread, Money Line, and Over/Under bets. 

  1. Select a game from the Summary page

Step 4 - Select a Bet Type 

In Step 3, we selected the Nadal/Federer game. This opens the Exchange page for the Nadal/Federer game. 

The Exchange page shows the order book for the Spread, Money Line, or Over/Under bets. Click each Bet Type header (outlined in red below) to switch between order books.

  1. Decide which bet you would like to place: Spread, Money Line, or Over/Under

Step 5 - Enter Your Bet 

In Step 4, we decided to place a Money Line bet on Nadal to beat Federer.

Note: The best odds available are shown at the top of the order book. Size ($) is the maximum amount you can bet on those odds.

  1. In the Bet Amount box, enter the amount you would like to bet. SportX automatically fills the Avg. Odds and To Return fields below.
  2. Click the green Bet Rafael Nadal button
  3. A popup will show you a summary of your bet. Click Confirm.
  4. Metamask/Bitski will ask you to authorize your bet. Click Sign/Confirm. 

Note: SportX automatically gives you the best odds available from the top of the order book. In this example, you would get odds of 1.713 for a bet size of $50.


Using Bettor Mode, you successfully placed your first bet on SportX.

Once you have placed a bet, you can review the bet details by checking the Account tab at the top of the page.

Once the game that you bet on has finished, the bet will move to the Settled Bets section. Your winnings will be paid directly to your crypto wallet within 30-45 minutes after the game is over.

Go to the SportX exchange to explore other markets to bet on! 

Bonus: How to set your own odds on SportX (Mobile)

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