Note: You must be using Metamask to follow this guide

Step 1: Convert Your Dai to ETH
a) Open KyberSwap by clicking here
b) Click "Connect with Metamask"

c) Type in how many DAI you want to convert into ETH and click "Swap Now". When the confirmation box pops up, click "Approve", then "Confirm".

After KyberSwap converts your DAI into ETH, you will see updated balances in your Metamask wallet.

Step 2: Send Your ETH to Coinsquare
a) Register for a Coinsquare Account by clicking here
b) After verifying your account, click "Fund Your Account"

c) On the left pane, click "Ethereum" and then "Get Address"

d) Copy the Ethereum deposit address by clicking the copy icon

e)  Open Metamask and click "Send", then paste the Coinsquare deposit address (that you copied in the last step) into the "Recipient Address" box.

f) In the "Amount" field, type in the amount of ETH you want to cash out and click "Next", then "Confirm" 

After your ETH is received by Coinsquare, you will see an updated ETH balance in your account.

Step 3: Convert Your ETH into CAD on Coinsquare
On the Coinsquare Dashboard, trade 100% of your ETH for CAD and click "Get a Quote" and then "Make this Trade".

Step 4: Withdraw Your CAD to your bank account
a) Go to the "Withdraw" tab on Coinsquare
b) Select "Direct Bank Deposit" as your withdrawal method, add a bank account, and click "Request Withdrawal". Note: you must withdraw at least $100 to use the direct bank deposit method.

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