After logging in, you need to finish setting up your SportX account before you can place your first bet. This is a one-time setup guide to help new users enable betting. 

Step 1 - Go to the Setup Page

The first time you visit SportX, you will see a signup bar at the top of your page.

  1. Click Sign Up to begin the process of setting up your SportX Account.

Step 2 - Deposit USDC

If you already have USDC in your Metamask/Fortmatic wallet, skip this step and go to Step 3 - Enable Betting. 

If you do not have USDC in your Metamask/Fortmatic wallet, you will have to deposit USDC before you can enable betting. We provide four different methods of depositing USDC, but you only have to choose one:

  • Deposit USDC Directly

  • Convert any crypto into USDC/WETH/SX

  • Buy Polygon USDC with Debit Card

  • Buy Polygon USDC with Interac eTransfer (Only available in Canada) 

1 ) Deposit USDC Directly - You can purchase USDC on a crypto exchange like Coinbase or Binance. After you purchase USDC on an exchange, send it to your wallet by clicking Copy Address and sending the USDC to your address.

2) Deposit ETH - Using CoinSwitch, you can convert any crypto into USDC on SportX. 

  1. Click the dropdown menu and select the crypto you would like to convert into DAI

  2. Enter how much crypto you would like to convert

  3. Click Swap and follow the deposit instructions

3) Buy USDC with Debit Card - Use Coinbase to purchase DAI with your debit card and send it to your SportX account.

  1. Open Coinbase to create/login to your Coinbase account

  2. Purchase USDC with your debit card

  3. Send the USDC to your USDC deposit address from option 1

4) Buy Polygon USDC with Interac eTransfer- If you live in Canada, you can use an e-transfer to purchase DAI.

  1. Click Open PayTrie to create/login to your PayTrie account

  2. Follow the instructions to fund your account with Interac eTransfer

  3. PayTrie will send the USDC to your address automatically

After you have USDC in your Metamask/Fortmatic wallet, you will see your funds in your SportX wallet, you can now proceed to Step 3 - Enable Betting.  

Step 3 - Enable Betting

  1. On the setup page, click Fill out Basic Verification located in the Account page under "Bet Credits".


You have successfully finished setting up your SportX account and will be able to bet as much as you want with no limits or deposit/withdrawal fees. 

As a new user, the final step is placing your first bet on SportX! Click on the article below for the Bettor Mode Guide or feel free to head straight to the SportX exchange to explore on your own.

Last Step: How to place your first bet on SportX

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