This guide assumes that you’ve already downloaded a digital wallet to store your crypto and that you are already on the app. If you have not, please refer to either the desktop or mobile set-up guide.

Step 1 — Getting Started

  1. Go to the Account page and click Show Deposit Options, then Buy DAI Through Netcoins 

Step 2 — Create Netcoins account

  1. Please create a Netcoins account by entering an email address and password.

Netcoins is a public company based in Canada, that enables users to buy crypto with Interac e-Transfer or wire.

Step 3 — Netcoins Verification

  1. To get level 1 verification, you will need to enter basic information on yourself such as name, age, phone number, etc.

Step 4 — Netcoins Funding

  1. Select your bank and how much you would like to fund and click submit. 
  2. From there, you will receive an email with funding instructions.

Depending on volume and payment method, Netcoins will update your balance on their app within a few hours.

Step 5— Crypto Purchase

  1. Click “Buy Crypto” to begin the process of purchasing and depositing crypto with your available balances. 
  2. Enter how much DAI you’d like to purchase.

You need DAI to bet on SportX. DAI is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to the US Dollar.

Step 6— Receive Crypto & Enable Betting

  1. Complete the Netcoins flow to confirm the purchase.
  2. After final confirmation you should receive the crypto straight to your wallet address within minutes.
  3. Click “Enable Betting” on the Account page of SportX if you haven’t already.

You are now ready to start betting! Now that you have to set-up a Netcoins account, purchasing crypto straight to your wallet will be much easier as well.

Check out this guide on how to place your first bet.

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