Step 1 — Create Bitski Account

  1. Go to Bitski and create an account. You need a crypto wallet to be able to access SportX
  2. Click on the confirmation email that Bitski sends you and confirm your email address

Step 2 — Connect Bitski to SportX

  1. Go to SportX
  2. Click “Login”, then “Login with Bitski” in the top left corner and allow SportX to connect to your Bitski account

Step 3 — Fund Your Account With E-transfer

  1. Send us an email at with subject line “Funding Request”
  2. We’ll send you instructions for funding your account via e-transfer

Alternatively, you can send DAI to your Bitski wallet by following this guide.

Step 4— Enable Betting

  1. After funding your account, go back to the Setup tab
  2. Click “Enable betting” and then “Confirm” on the Bitski popup


You have now successfully set up a Bitski account and joined SportX!

Head to the Exchange to place your first bet!

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